Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rising Waters

There is news this week of flood waters rising in the north of Minnesota and North Dakota. What a difficult time for the folks that are dealing with this. It creates fear and uncertainty that can be hard to cope with. I hope there are people for each one of these families to turn to for support and help.
I was caught in a flood when I was a girl. I must have been about 3 or 4 years old and a friend of my mothers was watching me as mom was busy making sandwiches for the sand baggers. I remember JoAnn making controlled frantic calls on the telephone in hushed tones and soon there was a man at the door wearing hip boots. I put my jacket on and the man picked me up from the front stoop and carried me about a block up the street to where the street was higher. It was at this time that I realized there was water all around us. It was up to Joann's front steps by the time they got to us and it nearly topped the mans boots when we were walking up the street to higher ground. It happened so quickly. Just earlier that morning there seemed to be no threat of flooding in JoAnn's neighborhood but by lunch time it was another story.
Our lives can change in such a short time. It seems that much more important to live in a manner of readiness. To make a few efforts to be prepared for the unexpected so if and when it happens we have security in what we have in place.

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Was there ever a time you were caught off guard or in an emergency?

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