Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It will all straighten out

We are having a time with inter net for a bit. Moving from one house to another is taking it's toll in several ways. I'll post when possible between now and Oct. 5th.

Just a short image to share, as I'm writing at work instead of working at the moment.
I drove down to Hastings on Monday for my bi-weekly visit with my parents and had the pleasure of watching several hawks riding the wind. This is when they spread their wings very wide and just let the wind dance them around in subtle movements. I can feel myself up there when I see this beautiful sight. I feel myself being lifted by the wind like a kite. My eyes are closed and I'm pillowed on the airstream. My neck outstretched and my face reaching for the sun, floating there with the hawks. One of them looks over to me with a knowing smile on it's beak. We share the moment and then I'm back on the ground. I'm moved by this image and imaginary experience. Content as I drive through this farmland with no one else in sight. Alone with the hawks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

back to nature

copyright Grace Albaugh - our new lake house view from the patio

I'm having a melancholy morning. Now and then I wake up and for no apparent reason I just feel melancholy. Nothing has happened. There is nothing bad or negative around me. I'm not anticipating anything going wrong. I'm just melancholy. I find this interesting. Wondering what it is that creates this in me. I go into my armchair psychologist mode and try to analyse myself. Then I realize it's useless and just go with the melancholy. Let it take me where ever it wants to go.
When I had a melancholy day as a girl I headed for the woods that surrounded our house. I headed down the hill through the trees and wandered along the lake shore of Lake Rebbecca. It is a quiet lake with only nature surrounding it. No houses in sight and rarely any people.
I spent many hours down there after my father died. I felt close to him there. He was a naturalist at heart and spent much of his own time in the woods all over Minnesota. It was a place where I could converse with him and no one would hear me. I talked to the birds and squirls and rabbits too. Every once in awhile I'd catch a glimpse of a deer or see a fish jump in the water. I could loose myself for hours in the beauty and human silence. I had the freedom to roam as much as I wanted to and it was a huge part of what formed me as a human being.
We are moving in two weeks to a house on a small lake. I'll be able to sit on the back deck in the mornings and listen to earth waken and the water fowl start their day. I'm grateful for this gift. It's been many years since I've had a slice of nature at my back door. Its in my blood and I've felt nature anemic for a long time.
I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for this blessing and I know it will feed and fill my soul.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A heart felt return

Ahhhhhhh. It feels good to be writing something here again. I've gotten life under control for now at least and I'm looking forward to getting back into the writing swing. It's been hanging right there in the tree just waiting for me to jump back on. Thanks for the much needed rest and I hope you haven't all gone away. See you very soon for a proper post.