Monday, April 6, 2009


We celebrated two birthdays in our family this past week. One was long distance and the other local. Tara is our soon to be daughter-in-law and she lives in Salem MA. We had fun sending her birthday wishes via our family website that our daughter Kate set up for us. The other birthday was our grandson Abe's. He turned two and we were able to gather at his house and have a party. It is always interesting having a party for Abe. He doesn't like to have attention on himself so when it's time to open presents he gets through one and then has had enough. Our daughter Maggie winds up opening the rest while Abe is out of the room completely. He's not easily impressed.
I remember my own birthday parties when I was a girl. We didn't have any family that lived close enough to celebrate with us so we invited family friends instead. Two or three families came over for cake and ice cream after dinner and I opened presents and enjoyed their company. Board games were popular at the time and we always wound up playing one before the evening was over. I can hear the laughter and see all of the smiling faces in my mind as I remember these wonderful memories. We have a picture of my 5th birthday playing the "Felix the Cat" game. I have on a pretty party dress and my hair is pulled back with a bow.

coptright 2009

What are your birthday memories?

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