Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heat Glorious Heat

Yesterday was one of those Spring days where the sun is warm but the air is cool. Tried it's best to nudge out of the 50's but not making it. As I stepped out the door the cool breeze gave me a little kiss and I shivered. I love these Spring days that give me the promise of warmer days to come. I headed for the car and as I opened the door I could feel the warmth of it's interior. This is one of my most favorite things in the world, getting into the car when it has been sitting in the sun. It's like getting into my own personal sauna. I slid into my seat and closed the door, shut my eyes and soaked it all in. This incredible heat! It sank all the way into my bones. I have always loved these heat baths in the car. My daughter E loves them too. One of the many things we have in common.

When I was in grade school, neighbor girl friends and I went to the beach on hot summer days when we could talk our mothers into it. Our beach was a small sandy spot along the St Croix river which is just a hop across the Wisconsin border. We spent all afternoon playing in the water and building castles in the wet sand. As the afternoon lazed away there would inevitably come the call "last swim girls". This was our cue to get into the water one last time before we packed it in for the day. The water was always cold and when we were done we were covered in goose bumps. We got out of the water, gathered our beach towels and flip flops and ran for the car. We knew what was waiting. The car sauna. We all piled into the back seat, huddled all together for body warmth. No seat belts kept us apart. They were an optional feature back in the day and our parents were far too frugal with the finances to spend money on seat belts. We were grateful because it meant we could entwine ourselves together. Our teeth chattered like crazy but we settled down in no time. Blissful in each others arms and the glorious heat of the car.

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What gives you the most wonderful feelings?

Monday, April 27, 2009

special spot to drop into

I stopped by one of my favorite spots to have lunch today. The soup was warm and rich. The sandwich was piled high on wonderful home made bread. I sat at a window seat so I could watch the world go by as I ate. I love to sit and imagine where people are going and what they are thinking about as they saunter past. There is a couple holding hands going into a shoe store next door. Now that's love when a young man will subject himself to a shoe store with his lady. Perhaps they are looking for shoes for a special occasion, maybe even a wedding. Isn't that a fun thought.

When I was very little my dad always went down to the local cafe on Saturday mornings for breakfast with his buddies. They would spend about 45 minutes there eating their eggs, toast and coffee and catching up on the weeks news. They didn't stay long because everyone had errands to run and chores waiting at home, but they still made it a point to gather. I had the privilege of joining them one time. I thought I was something special and if you had asked my dad he would tell you I really was. Daddy passed away from cancer when I was 8 years old so these memories are close to my heart. It was always the most simple things I remember like a breakfast with dad and his buddies that are tender to me. We were two peas in a pod my dad and I. We didn't need for life to be grand. Just warm with those we love and a lot of nature thrown in. I miss his dearly but I'm glad to have had even the little time I had with him. He was the greatest in my eyes. Still is, and I take him with me often to quiet spots and feel of his spirit.
I love you still daddy.

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What are your fond memories with your father?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Silly" flowers

I saw the first of the "Silly" flowers today. I was on my way to work and there they were with their smiling faces reaching for the morning sun. Their bright blue calling out to me "good morning my dear". It put such a smile on my face.
When I was in grade school I anticipated the walk up the driveway every afternoon as soon as it started to get the least bit warm. I knew that the day would come when I neared the spot under the dining room window and there they would be. The sign that Spring had really come to stay-the "Silly" flowers were in bloom. I must admit that I've called them this for so long that I'm not even sure of their real name. I believe they are Sillia but I would have to search that out to be sure. Mother and I call them silly because they come up so early here in MN. Sometimes it would even snow after their bloom and there they were, trying to keep their heads above the unwelcome blanket. Their little yellow noses pointed straight up. The first "Silly" flower day was honored with a bright giggle and a skip in my step. As I entered the house I shouted "the silly flower are up". My mother joined my in my exuberance and looked out the window to confirm my discovery. I suspect she already knew but she never spoiled my being the first to know it.

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What are your first signs of Spring?
welcome crystal jigsaw! I've been following your blog and have enjoyed it so much.Glad to have you on board.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trips Out East

My husband and I went to Salem MA to visit our son and his fiance' this past weekend. We spent four wonderful days with them. The temps were warming up and we did a lot of walking around Salem and also went on up to Maine. It was refreshing to feel and smell the sea air and hear the seagulls and waves on the shore. We have a lot of water in MN too but it smells like lake water and it just is not the same as sea water smell. Good, but different.
When I was a girl I went out east with my parents but we went to West Virginia to visit my grandparents. I have fond memories of those visits. My most treasured memories are of night time. My grandparents had an empty lot next to their house and on warm summer evenings after it finally got dark I asked my grandmother for an empty jar and headed outside. This is when the magic started. Armed with my jar, lid off, I stood very quietly waiting. Waiting for the tiny illuminations that blinked through the air around me. It never took very long and I was surrounded with fireflies. The air would become so thick with them at times I felt like I was floating in the air amongst them. For me this was heaven. The quiet night and these soft glowing beacons. What a gift. It was my hope to be able to catch at least a few of these little beauties and keep them in my jar. The first time I collected my little jar full I put small holes in the top of the lid and placed them beside my bed. It was the most glorious night light I had ever seen. You can imagine my distress when I woke up in the morning, all ready to greet my little wards and found them lifeless on the bottom of the jar. I was heart broken. I was a murderer. From then on when I needed to catch fireflies I brought them in and watched them in the darkness of my room for an hour or so. Then I took them back outside and let them go free out into the night. It was at least a magical pleasure for a short time. Well worth it. I loved those nights.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry I have been absent from the blog for a bit. I've been out of town. Will give you something new on Monday. Promise!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seedplanter, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I have a quilt of my great grandmothers and I'm sure the pieces have similar stories to those in your daddy's quilt. I have hand quilted a few quilts in my lifetime and love the way the needle feels in my fingers and am grateful for the callouses that remind of the love that went into them when I'm done.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I spent part of the day yesterday with my grandchildren Abe and Everett. I love living close enough to them that I can visit nearly any time. Abe decided to start talking with English words a few months ago. He was speaking a perfect version of Abeese up until then. He could tell you entire stories including hand gestures and facial expressions but it was all in a made up language only Abe could speak or understand. Yesterday was all about being outside and shoveling rocks. He loves to be busy every minute of the day and if you have a job to be done you want Abe working for you. He is tireless. Everett is still to new and sleepy to join in but I'm sure in a year or two he will be keeping up with big brother.
I have fond memories of my grandmother coming to visit from out east. We only saw her a handful of times but I can still recall the sweetness of her spirit. She was a quiet woman with much strength. She also loved to work and asked my mother to have the cleaning supplies ready so she could jump in on spring or fall cleaning while she was here. We washed windows and curtains, polished silver, beat area rugs slung over the clothesline and a number of other chores. The house shone like a new penny when we were done. She only stayed a week but we accomplished much in that short amount of time. I miss her when I do my own deep cleaning now. I would love to have her here to chat with and soak in her wisdom while the smell of vinegar wafts through the air.Those were the days.

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What are your grandmother memories?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Mother-ready for the ball

I bought a dress today to wear to my son's wedding in July. He and his lovely bride to be are being married at a historic farm in Massachusetts. It is no easy task finding a dress with short sleeves and age appropriate, but I think I finally found the right one today. It is a beautiful royal blue, Evan Picone. Simple and classic. I think I might make a very delicate beaded pin to embellish the front just a bit. Just a hint though, I don't want it to be noticed very much. Just enough to add a hint of interest.
This dress made me think of the dress my mother wore to our Governor's inaugural ball. It would have been around 1970. I would have to look it up to be sure. Her dress was the same color as the one I just bought. It was a royal blue strapless A-line dress with a chiffon, long sleeved overlay with a rounded neck line.It was umpire waisted with a 6 inch band encrusted with jewel toned crystals. Mother looked spectacular. Her hair was done 1970's style in a teased flip brushed over to one side with the other side tucked behind her ear. I think she felt like a princess. She certainly looked like one.

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What beautiful mother memories do you have?
Welcome seedplanter. It's nice to have you join me. Please feel free to answer my questions at the end of my posts. I would love to hear your childhood stories too.

Monday, April 6, 2009


We celebrated two birthdays in our family this past week. One was long distance and the other local. Tara is our soon to be daughter-in-law and she lives in Salem MA. We had fun sending her birthday wishes via our family website that our daughter Kate set up for us. The other birthday was our grandson Abe's. He turned two and we were able to gather at his house and have a party. It is always interesting having a party for Abe. He doesn't like to have attention on himself so when it's time to open presents he gets through one and then has had enough. Our daughter Maggie winds up opening the rest while Abe is out of the room completely. He's not easily impressed.
I remember my own birthday parties when I was a girl. We didn't have any family that lived close enough to celebrate with us so we invited family friends instead. Two or three families came over for cake and ice cream after dinner and I opened presents and enjoyed their company. Board games were popular at the time and we always wound up playing one before the evening was over. I can hear the laughter and see all of the smiling faces in my mind as I remember these wonderful memories. We have a picture of my 5th birthday playing the "Felix the Cat" game. I have on a pretty party dress and my hair is pulled back with a bow.

coptright 2009

What are your birthday memories?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rising Waters

There is news this week of flood waters rising in the north of Minnesota and North Dakota. What a difficult time for the folks that are dealing with this. It creates fear and uncertainty that can be hard to cope with. I hope there are people for each one of these families to turn to for support and help.
I was caught in a flood when I was a girl. I must have been about 3 or 4 years old and a friend of my mothers was watching me as mom was busy making sandwiches for the sand baggers. I remember JoAnn making controlled frantic calls on the telephone in hushed tones and soon there was a man at the door wearing hip boots. I put my jacket on and the man picked me up from the front stoop and carried me about a block up the street to where the street was higher. It was at this time that I realized there was water all around us. It was up to Joann's front steps by the time they got to us and it nearly topped the mans boots when we were walking up the street to higher ground. It happened so quickly. Just earlier that morning there seemed to be no threat of flooding in JoAnn's neighborhood but by lunch time it was another story.
Our lives can change in such a short time. It seems that much more important to live in a manner of readiness. To make a few efforts to be prepared for the unexpected so if and when it happens we have security in what we have in place.

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Was there ever a time you were caught off guard or in an emergency?