Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Silly" flowers

I saw the first of the "Silly" flowers today. I was on my way to work and there they were with their smiling faces reaching for the morning sun. Their bright blue calling out to me "good morning my dear". It put such a smile on my face.
When I was in grade school I anticipated the walk up the driveway every afternoon as soon as it started to get the least bit warm. I knew that the day would come when I neared the spot under the dining room window and there they would be. The sign that Spring had really come to stay-the "Silly" flowers were in bloom. I must admit that I've called them this for so long that I'm not even sure of their real name. I believe they are Sillia but I would have to search that out to be sure. Mother and I call them silly because they come up so early here in MN. Sometimes it would even snow after their bloom and there they were, trying to keep their heads above the unwelcome blanket. Their little yellow noses pointed straight up. The first "Silly" flower day was honored with a bright giggle and a skip in my step. As I entered the house I shouted "the silly flower are up". My mother joined my in my exuberance and looked out the window to confirm my discovery. I suspect she already knew but she never spoiled my being the first to know it.

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What are your first signs of Spring?

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Indrani said...

'Silly flowers' to signal spring, such fun observation. :) You write so well.