Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Mother-ready for the ball

I bought a dress today to wear to my son's wedding in July. He and his lovely bride to be are being married at a historic farm in Massachusetts. It is no easy task finding a dress with short sleeves and age appropriate, but I think I finally found the right one today. It is a beautiful royal blue, Evan Picone. Simple and classic. I think I might make a very delicate beaded pin to embellish the front just a bit. Just a hint though, I don't want it to be noticed very much. Just enough to add a hint of interest.
This dress made me think of the dress my mother wore to our Governor's inaugural ball. It would have been around 1970. I would have to look it up to be sure. Her dress was the same color as the one I just bought. It was a royal blue strapless A-line dress with a chiffon, long sleeved overlay with a rounded neck line.It was umpire waisted with a 6 inch band encrusted with jewel toned crystals. Mother looked spectacular. Her hair was done 1970's style in a teased flip brushed over to one side with the other side tucked behind her ear. I think she felt like a princess. She certainly looked like one.

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What beautiful mother memories do you have?

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You know I say: mothers' memories are the most unforgettable memories ever! they are like heaven you never can't get enough...
and I'm sure you will be spectacular in your son's wedding as well!
{and thanks for your sweet comment}

have a nice day!