Friday, April 10, 2009


I spent part of the day yesterday with my grandchildren Abe and Everett. I love living close enough to them that I can visit nearly any time. Abe decided to start talking with English words a few months ago. He was speaking a perfect version of Abeese up until then. He could tell you entire stories including hand gestures and facial expressions but it was all in a made up language only Abe could speak or understand. Yesterday was all about being outside and shoveling rocks. He loves to be busy every minute of the day and if you have a job to be done you want Abe working for you. He is tireless. Everett is still to new and sleepy to join in but I'm sure in a year or two he will be keeping up with big brother.
I have fond memories of my grandmother coming to visit from out east. We only saw her a handful of times but I can still recall the sweetness of her spirit. She was a quiet woman with much strength. She also loved to work and asked my mother to have the cleaning supplies ready so she could jump in on spring or fall cleaning while she was here. We washed windows and curtains, polished silver, beat area rugs slung over the clothesline and a number of other chores. The house shone like a new penny when we were done. She only stayed a week but we accomplished much in that short amount of time. I miss her when I do my own deep cleaning now. I would love to have her here to chat with and soak in her wisdom while the smell of vinegar wafts through the air.Those were the days.

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What are your grandmother memories?

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Seedplanter said...

I have few memories ofa grandmother, because my paternal grandmother died before my parents ever met, and my mom's mother died when I was a toddler. I do have a wonderful memory of a 75-year-old quilt, though! A Quilt Story: Voices from the Great Depression.