Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heat Glorious Heat

Yesterday was one of those Spring days where the sun is warm but the air is cool. Tried it's best to nudge out of the 50's but not making it. As I stepped out the door the cool breeze gave me a little kiss and I shivered. I love these Spring days that give me the promise of warmer days to come. I headed for the car and as I opened the door I could feel the warmth of it's interior. This is one of my most favorite things in the world, getting into the car when it has been sitting in the sun. It's like getting into my own personal sauna. I slid into my seat and closed the door, shut my eyes and soaked it all in. This incredible heat! It sank all the way into my bones. I have always loved these heat baths in the car. My daughter E loves them too. One of the many things we have in common.

When I was in grade school, neighbor girl friends and I went to the beach on hot summer days when we could talk our mothers into it. Our beach was a small sandy spot along the St Croix river which is just a hop across the Wisconsin border. We spent all afternoon playing in the water and building castles in the wet sand. As the afternoon lazed away there would inevitably come the call "last swim girls". This was our cue to get into the water one last time before we packed it in for the day. The water was always cold and when we were done we were covered in goose bumps. We got out of the water, gathered our beach towels and flip flops and ran for the car. We knew what was waiting. The car sauna. We all piled into the back seat, huddled all together for body warmth. No seat belts kept us apart. They were an optional feature back in the day and our parents were far too frugal with the finances to spend money on seat belts. We were grateful because it meant we could entwine ourselves together. Our teeth chattered like crazy but we settled down in no time. Blissful in each others arms and the glorious heat of the car.

copyright 2009

What gives you the most wonderful feelings?


Claire said...

Grace thank you for stopping by my blog after you discovered it on post of the day. It means a lot to me.

Your writing is beautiful.


Oh it's so beautiful. it's touchable!
and for me... a great sunshine after a whole rainy night... it's just like a miracle to me!
fresh! shiny! and warm! :)