Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow Again

It's been one of those cold and wet weeks. The kind of cold that gets into your bones and stays there. The temps have been hovering in those temperatures where the rain turns to snow and then back to rain. My neighbors Ruby and Roger are braving the wet snowy elements and taking their usual morning walk. I wish I had that devotion.
I remember hunkering in and building blanket forts at this time of year. Our dining room table was the perfect place for this. We covered the table with sheets and light blankets so a little bit of light could filter through. The neighbor girls, Lisa and Linda, brought their Barbie's and we played under there all day. It was warm and cozy and quiet play which my mother loved. We protested a bit when dinner time approached because we had to dismantle our play space, but we folded the blankets and sheets and piled them near by so we could recreate the fort the next day. Ah the joys of simple pleasures.

copyright 2009

How did you get through your cold wet days?

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