Tuesday, May 5, 2009

freedom on a bike

I was driving down the street last evening and saw a young lady on her bike. She was coasting down a gentle slope on a bike path and was steering in that gentle back and forth meandering way. As though she didn't have a care in the world and all the time she needed.
Not more than a few blocks from this spot is where I rode my bike when I was a girl. It was the most lovely place in the whole town. Narrow dirt roads that wound amongst huge Oak trees. Fragrant flowers everywhere. The grass always beautifully manicured. It was quiet and the wind spoke to me as it rushed past my face while I rode. It was the cemetery.
I know it must sound a little weird for a girl to spend so much time in the cemetery, but honestly it was my favorite place to be. And it wasn't just the things that I've already mentioned. I actually like being amongst all of the souls that reside there. There were a few people I knew like Mr. Ganfield our next door neighbor, but most of them were strangers. It was peaceful and I felt peaceful being there. It was a great place to ride our bikes because there were hardly ever any cars. And because the roads were dirt there were dips and ruts from the tree branches that were oh so fun to ride over. I knew where every one of them was and when I came to the longest dip, that happened to be on a curve, I closed my eyes and navigated it perfecty. It was thrilling to feel my stomach go woozie and be able to do it all with my eyes closed. I'd done it one hundred times I'm sure. I knew just how much and when to turn the handle bars. It was one of the best 30 minutes of the day that bike time in the cemetery. Oh how I miss it. Maybe someone in the neighborhood has a bike I could borrow (I don't live there any more) and I'll take another ride.

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What are your biking memories?


Kathleen said...

My bike meant freedom to me. I loved hopping on and riding to swimming lessons or the library. It still feels like freedom. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful memory!

Lynne said...

Great bike memories.