Friday, June 5, 2009


© photograph Grace Albaugh 2009

the porch at 106 River

I spent the afternoon at my dear friend Lisa's house yesterday. She has a beautiful spot with about five acres of land that includes a pond. I love sitting on her front porch and visiting. Yesterday there was a goose family on the lake, just taking a leisurely swim. Gliding along the water. The day was perfect, about 78 degrees and sunny. The best part is that the bugs aren't out yet. We had lunch and strolled through the yard. Our talk was effortless and comfortable. This is always how it is with us. We have been friends forever and I can't help but believe that it truly is forever. That we were dears to each other even before we were born. Laughing and having a wonderful time in spirit.
106 River has a wonderful screened porch that we lived on in the summer time. We ate out there. We read our books and sat and talked. Company would visit and we sipped lemonade on the porch. Just a few times mother even let me sleep out on the porch. It was furnished with patio furniture that mother and daddy got at Gaberts in 1966. Iron framed with thick cushioned seats. I remember vividly the night we went to pick out the furniture. I had never been in a furniture store before and this one was huge. We drove all the up to the cities- that's what we called it when we went to St Paul or Minneapolis. I remember being enthralled with everything I saw. There was even a water feature in the patio furniture section. Imagine that. A small waterfall inside a building. I couldn't believe it.
We chose our furniture, arranged to have it delivered and went home. I looked for that delivery truck everyday and finally it came. The men set up the pieces on the porch and that was the beginning of the best room in the house. Our beloved summer porch.

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