Friday, May 15, 2009

I tell ya

I don't know why I'm sharing this but you need to know what a big deal this blog is for me. I've been around since before computers. At least before they were in regular people's homes. I was using punch cards when I was in junior high (many of you won't even know what those are). So when I sit down to the computer it is a big deal for me.

I seem to carry some sort of vibe that entices the computer to misbehave when I approach. Honesty, it's almost evil. But I press on. I try to make friends every time I sit at the key board. I send it love and good energy vibes. I can only imagine what would go wrong if I were sending out the evil thoughts it really deserves. So when I sat down at the laptop to do a little blogging at home this morning I hit the touch pad a little too hard at just the right spot and everything turned to Arabic. There I was staring at a language I couldn't read and had no idea how to navigate out of it because I was looking at letters that made no sense.

So I quietly shut down the computer and walked away and got into the shower instead and let the sadness wash down the drain. Yes sadness. It makes me sad and sort of hurts my feelings that my computer doesn't like me. I'm a likable gal, really! As I stood in the shower I thought maybe by the time I got to work the problem would have somehow worked itself out on it's own. Yes I really thought that, but as I'm sure all of you people that know something about computers know that it did not work itself out by the time I got to work and there they were. Those foreign letters still staring at me on my dashboard.

So I sat and remembered that before I logged in I saw in the upper right hand corner that you can choose the language. Then I noticed on my dashboard page in the upper left hand corner that there was a drop down window so I clicked on it and sure enough there it was. The language choices. Hallelujah! Success! I felt a warm glow in my bosom and got a little teary. I did it. I figured it out and with no other human help. Someone upstairs took pity on me this morning and walked me through it.

So for now I will stick to using my regular computer with the regular keyboard at work and stay away from the laptop. We just aren't friends. Nothing I can do about it. My boss doesn't mind if I blog at work. Those are the perks when you are basically your own boss.

Well that's it. My confession of ineptness. I give myself an A for effort though.

Blog on Grace!

P.S. Now I just have to figure out how I erased the layout tab on my other blog (again using the laptop at home) so I can get back to add some gadgets. Ugh!

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oh your laptop can be your best friend! believe me Gracie!

and your comments always make my days! :) thanks a lot for your sweet words... it's the biggest happiness for me to see that I can make somebody smile! :) indeed.

have a nice day and good luck with your blog!