Sunday, March 22, 2009


I always think of March as a throw away month, at least here in Minnesota. It seems a bit good for nothing and unable to make up it's mind. Snow or no snow? Rain or no rain? It uncovers all of the dirt that has accumulated over the winter. The trash that has been covered by snow starts emerging and blowing everywhere.
There is one thing though that I love about March. My very dearest friend was born in March. Her birthday is the one thing that brightens this very murky month for me. It is rare that we spend this day together but it is always a sunny day in my mind and heart. We have the dearest memories of our childhood together. I remember our endless hours of laughter and the wonderfully creative things we would conjure up to do. It was never a dull moment even if we were doing absolutely nothing.
We still laugh like crazy and enjoy each others company in any setting. We are true soul sisters with a heart language that transcends time. I love her like no other.

copyright 2009

Who do you have in your life that brings joy and a smile when you think of them?

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