Monday, October 12, 2009


copyright grace albaugh - snow falling from trees this morning

I hope everyone who lives near me is taking the time to enjoy the beautiful symphony being
played outside this morning. The way it sounds is soul filling but the way it looks is amazing. It's one of those first snows where the branches become heavy laden. So heavy that the snow gives way and falls in wonderful cascades like powdered sugar being sifted through a sieve. First here, then over there. And occasionally it ripples through the trees in succession.
My heart soars with delight when this happens. It's a though I'm having my own private performance.
I remember standing in the middle of the front yard. I must have been about seven or so. I stood in the middle of the front yard where the six Oak trees came together, face tilted to the sky and waited for the thrill I knew was coming. First I heard it, that unmistakable swoosh of the snow letting go. Then I felt if, the shower of snow covering me. My mouth open wide to catch as much as I could. I can hear myself laughing and see myself turning in circles with my arms spread wide. I love these memories and am grateful for this mornings snow to remind me.

Happy first real snow day everyone!

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Madame DeFarge said...

Snow? Already? We're still working on the autumnal bit over here.